This Mountain village is standing at the south side of Neuquen province at 870 mts above sea level at the northwest margin of lake Nahuel Huapi. Here you will enjoy all the seasons of the year because in every season you may practice different activities as outside sports, sport fishing, boating, and skiing. On its cozy commercial center you will find all you need to satisfy to the tourist and an endless of restaurants with all the delicatessen of the patagonic cuisine; know and discover this fascinating tourist center. …. where to go back will be a pleasure.

This chapel contains beauty and special charm it was built by architect Alejandro Bustillo, with a very special and cozy taste. Actually, it is the chosen by the people to celebrate religious ceremonies…all a charm that you won’t be able to avoid.

It is other of the greatest buildings of Architect Alejandro Bustillo. It was built in 1942 with a French style and occupies 36 acres over Nahuel Nuapi coast. In 1964 El Messidor starts being a property of Neuquen province where important visits are received as presidents, diploma tics, and certain authorities that remained registered on the visits book. Nowadays it is allowed the entrance to the public to run the circuit thru the beautiful garden that surrounds the residence, to be able to enjoy from the shocking construction and the captivating view to lake Nahuel Huapi.


Departing from downtown at 800 meters is found the “Plazoleta de las Colectividades” (a small square), going to the right and after walking some 700 meters, you will have to let your car and start a walk of 20 minutes, where you will be able to opt to go to Belvedere viewer or inacayall fall. In both cases you will have to walk another 20 mts more. The fall is simply unbelievable, a waterfall of 35 mts frozen and crystal waters product of the ice that falls in the middle of a amazing vegetation. If we go on towards the view point we will arrive to one of the most beautiful panoramic spots of our Area. The lake Correntoso, can be appreciated all along it, also the Correntoso river, the international bridge that crosses it, and on the rear the lake Nahuel Huapi with the viewing of the mountain range closing a real post card.

The park spreads all the peninsula of Quetrihué, the whole forest of arrayanes is standing at the end of the peninsula where is also the famous log house. Departing from the zone of the port of Villa La Angostura, it is possible to get there by walking or by bike (12 Km). An unforgettable run in which you will be able to visit the lagoons that are inside the peninsula. You may also do the catamarans excursion, the views that are seen from the boat are overwhelming. One departs from Bahia Brava and the other from Bahia Mansa. The voyage lasts about 30 minutes.


To only 5 km. From downtown Villa La Angostura, is the Correntoso river, that connect the lake of the same name with Nahuel Huapi lake. The river is very turbulent, abundant and of crystal waters; it is said that it is the shortest of the world (only 200 meters.). From the pedestrian bridge, you will be able to see in some times of the year, the trout that climb the river for laying. If you go on its run you will find the campsite and beach of Correntoso river; in summer one of the most crowded place for those who wish to have a nice beach day, surrounded of a mountain environment with a transparent water lake.

Only the views that you get from the catamaran getting to Port Anchorena, will justify already the excursion; if you add to this the pathways inside the forest with centennial species, the stone paintings, the lift chair to Bella Vista ridge, you’ll note that you ought to visit it; besides you will enjoy an excellent restaurant kitchen and coffee shop. The catamaran departs from the zone of the port of Villa La Angostura and normally the excursion is combined with the one to Arrayanes forest.

The lake keeps its most beautiful places only for those who truly want to know it; brazo Rincon, brazo Ultima Esperanza, brazo Machete, and Piedras Blancas are some of the places that if are visited once not only will amaze you but also will make you always like to go back. Sailing on a vessel with the wind or engine, you’ll be able to plan voyages of 4 to 5 hours or full day, and if you get enthusiasm with the idea of sleeping at the lake you may organize an outlet for one or more days.

A walk of about half an hour, will allow you to see, from different panoramic points and from the elevation, the Bahia Mansa port Zone, the Messidor, the picturesque and old stone buildings, where use to function the first village electrical center, the National Park administration, and other buildings of the harbor. Also from other point you’ll get an excellent panoramic view of the lake Nahuel Huapi wit its branches Machete, Rincon y Ultima Esperanza, the Brava bay, Fray Menendez island, and the mountain range tha limits with Chile. A very entertaining walk with some trekking from which you’ll bring many photos.

Of a great natural beauty, with lift chairs and trails between forests of Coihues and Lengas, panoramic views that according to the experts are the best in the world. The Bayo ridge is the center of winter activity, skiing and snowboard is the main activity , with trails on different levels of difficulty, ideal for those who want to learn some of these sports or those who are experts, and are looking for new sensations. Don’t miss the walks with snow racquets. Out of winter season, trekking and mountain bike are some of the alternatives the ridge offers. It’s to be remarked the panoramic views from the ridge, you may see at its best the lake Nahuel Huapi with its Victoria island, the peninsula of Quetrihue and all its branches, the lakes Correntoso and Espejo and a aerial sight of all Villa La Angostura with its bays and the surrounding small islands. Kitchen services, rental of equipment and ski clothes are to be found at the base and in the middle coat.

  LAGUNA VERDE (Green lagoon) AND SELVA TRISTE (sad jungle)::
To 5 minutes from downtown Villa La Angostura, is this lagoon and jungle, ideal for a short stride where you’ll be able to see and recognize typical fauna and flora from our region, variety of birds, bushes and trees with posters with Id. You will also find a weird formation named The Love Arrayan (Myrtle), in which a cypress and a Myrtle grew mixed. .

With no doubt this is the excursion where everybody come back astonished. You’ll manage a deep contact with nature. In the middle of Los Andes mountain range, less than 10 km from the limit with Chile, product of an old volcanic activity, happened a waterfall of 50 meters high and back to it, a cavern to which you may access from behind a water curtain; all the scene boarded by an exuberant vegetation, an overwhelming sound and a fine rain produced by the waterfall. Really a scenery where all seemed to have been finely planned before being mounted.

  CAJON NEGRO (The black drawer):
This excursion must be done with a guide; on foot or horseback riding, to an easy step and enjoying the landscape. The climbing takes 4 hours, and you get more than 1400 meters above the sea level; it is not complicated but some tiring. Pathways of special beauty are walked, going through coihues, lengas and cypress forests and other autochthons species, truly a very entertaining walk that with the information that gives us the guide we’ll understand all the surrounding forest, crossing little rivulets, getting at the end to a beautiful valley between ridges Inacayal and Belvedere with incomparable views. It is possible to go up to the birth of the Las Piedritas rivulet or directly to look for the nicer place for picnic and join strength for the descends.

Not for anything it’s the most famous route. Since its run is started to its arrival to San Martin de los Andes the landscapes are one better than the other. To ride the view places on lake Espejo, the mouth of the river Ruca Malen that transport the waters from the lake Espejo Chico to the lake Correntoso, the picturesque rest of the old bridge, the most recommended deviation of 2 Km for boarding the Ruca Malen river up to Espejo Chico, the views of the north part of lake Correntoso. The river Pichi Traful, The lakes Escondido, Villarino, Falkner, Hermoso, and Machonico and the shocking lake Lacar at the end of the way, don’t do more that to confirm that all the zone is definitely the top expression of the wonderful nature.

To 110 Km from Villa La Angostura is standing this beautiful city. To get there you have to drive the seven lakes road, in approximately 2 hours. It is a full day excursion, and it’s advisable to leave early to get the best of the day, and to come back at the last hour of the afternoon. The city is standing by the lake Lacar; there are a vary gastronomic offer, many point of interest and small circuits at the environs.

To scarce 3 Km. From downtown Villa La Angostura, the entrance way to Bayo ridge is found. The road is stoned, with no difficulty and ascends up to 1050 meters above the level of the sea. In the way you’ll find beautiful view of Nahuel Huapi lake, the Victoria island and the peninsula of Quetrihue. Stop at the view points, beautiful green, red, and yellow tones form part of the vegetation and in the rear the majestic Los Andes mountain range. In winter this ridge is the ski center of Villa La Angostura, where the snow makes the landscape to change to other fully different but with the same beauty. To 1 Km. Before the end of the way is the access to the fall, a path of 200 meters will lead you to a jump of 30 mts. Of white waters which fall in a sort of giant stone bowl, becoming in colored waters from the blue to emerald green..

We’ll find a little town, as in a tale, immerse at the Nahuel Huapi lake, by lake Traful, little stores, camp style, only the indispensable. Some alternatives to delight with some deer or wild boar, some view points and falls at the environment, all a dream, a full day ride, ideal to go out in the morning from Villa La Angostura, running the seven lakes road up to the deviation that will lead us to Traful, having lunch, visiting the environments, and the an exquisite after lunch with sweets and home made cakes coming back more than satisfied for all what we lived.

A beautiful run of 24 Km., ideal for biking, through an old road hidden by the vegetation transforming it in a little path that in fall covers itself with red, ochre, and yellow colors. Impossible to describe is the sensation of walking and pedaling on that colorful carpet, in the silence of the forest, mixing views of the lake Correntoso or Nahuel Huapi that contrasts the reds, greens, and yellows of the forest with blues and turquoises. A delight for eyes and ears.

The stride is to mts. from the main avenue, next to the bus terminal. Great variety of handcrafts, works made in wood, stone, cloth, glass, etc. plus home made sweets, sausages, and exquisite preserves.

The small museum is standing in front of the convention center, part of the village history, of the lake Nahuel Huapi, and of the first inhabitants will give you an idea of the activity of the place in the past and how this beautiful place was born. You will be welcomed.